The Who

A bit of personal history...
Back in 1982 whilst still at school (just 38 years ago!) I came into contact with computers and was hooked. After owning a Spectrum, Commodore and Atari I was able to buy my first 'real' PC, the (80)286 and shortly after that we get to the start of the Internet. By 1998 I was building websites for businesses. 

Up until 2005
It was all about hand coding with HTML and later CSS and Dreamweaver. The release of a content management system (CMS) called Joomla in 2005 changed things significantly. It also became clear it was much better to be in control of the hosting and domain name so I started to manage my own web servers using WHM/cPanel and automated software so customers could set up their own services.

The What

My personal preference is to use Joomla because of its flexibility - many of the largest companies online use Joomla. Of course Wordpress and other CMS such as OpenCart, Magento and ZenCart all have their place depending on the needs which are being met. 

Our servers are located with the best independent provider out there. These are the people who we rely on so that in a worst case they are more than happy to assist our clients.

Domain Names
We buy domain names and manage them with a seperate supplier to the hosting, this is considdered best practice. Not only can we offer all types of domain name the supplier also allows the simple and free transfer of domain names to other acccounts.

The Why

The name 'Web Spider'
Because spiders are great web designers, the other type crawl the Internet for content.

Over time you can get too comfortable, maybe complacent 
so I decided to look more closely at what other people and businesses 'out there' were using for their websites and hosting today. Joining a leading privately owned hosting company for a year in 2019 and working in technical support it was a shock at how people were being let down and in so many ways!

Business owners and to a certain extent private individuals
are unaware of the risks they are facing. Often they do not know about essential things such as Best Practice and the legal position of their online presence. When things are going well we forget how vitally important email, backups or even access to the website to manage it, until something bad happens. By then it is often too late and business is disrupted, sometimes severely.

Once you have your website, even if it has been designed by someone else, there are 4 vital issues we ensure are always dealt with;

  • Access to your domain name(s) which are registered in your name
  • The ability to access your hosting controls to manage emails and the website hosting
  • Access to and the tools so a reliable backup of your data can be restored or moved
  • Disaster recovery plan in the worst case scenario

No one expects things to go awry but if they do we provide the escape plan.

Even if you are IT savvy access to people with a broad spectrum of IT knowledge is so helpful, as is their willingness to share this information in a way you can understand. Knowledge will empower you and we believe you should have as much as you want so you feel in control and are able to engage fully in the discussion.

Here to help.