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Pic of Simon websiteDoing well online is not just about having a great website. Apart from the website you need trusted advice with realistic and cost sensitive sourcing of domain names and hosting and our expertise in email, SEO, Social Media marketing and analytics. Delivering Best Practice, training, support and of course help with things like GDPR and security. Over the last 30 years working in IT and for the last 15 years on websites I have found people prefer dealing with just one company rather than multiple businesses, so I have become a one stop shop for all of your needs.

I recognise whilst a lot of knowledge is good, it is only useful if you can be understood. Having worked as a tutor in adult education in the early 90's I am able to talk to people at their level, which has been useful in the years since. This and other skills have recently been strengthened in 2019 working in a full time high volume Web hosting support role.

Have a look about, you will find more specific details and if you want to talk things over, my number and email are at the top of the page please feel free to use either. 

COVID 19 /  Coronavirus
We are no longer meeting clients face to face but are available during normal working hours by email and telephone.